and the every-day life begins…

yesterday I was very very tense, because I had to leave Bela alone at home in his crate for my first working day for approx. 4 hrs…. I couldn’t get my mind of Bela while at work and was wondering how he feels and if he will be allright. When I came home (early :-)) he was very excited to get out but he didn’t start “whining” until he was out of the crate. What really made me proud was that he didn’t leave any “surprises” for us in his crate lol.

Bela’s last week was very busy: he was at longing and at the training for therapy dogs and he really liked it. Longing is very interesting and a lot of fun for both of us! He also is very good in “sit” and “lay down” and we do a lot of “search the food dummy” and he really likes to use his nose.. I really try to calm him down when in the apartment, because this place should be a relaxing and safe place for him, but from time to time there’s a little rascal running through all the rooms :-). he also made a lot of new friends :-).

Some impressions of the past days….

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busy times :-)

Bela had a lot to do in the last two weeks, the main event was the “Herbstmesse” at Klagenfurt which Bela and I attended for the last two days. Bela was literally a people magnet and was photographed I think 1000 times in these two days. He was called “Idefix” most of the time, but the term “little donkey” also was mentioned here and there. It was very very interesting and also exhausting for little Bela and he loved to take a break in the crate and came out completely refreshed and made several new friends (human and dog ones). I really think he loved the attention. He also got to know miniature horses and Llamas and therapy chicken :-). Several people wanted to take him with them, but NO WAY, he belongs to MEEEEE. So here are a few pics of the event, more to come….

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days full of fun and friends

just a few images of the last days!

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the last few days…

everything is calming down at the moment, and that’s very nice. He slept through two nights in a row now, and we hope that row will continue 🙂

Bela had a very exiting week with a lot of new dog friends, boat rides, a swim and a lot of new people 🙂 (those EARS!!!!).

Bela is very friendly and outgoing when it comes to meet new people (jippiie). When he meets new dogs he does what I call the “puppy dance”: he whines a little bit and his ears are down but just about  a few minutes later he’s after the dogs with his ears up … lol It’s really fun to watch how he reacts on the new dogs. He does really great and I love the fact that all the dogs he met so far tried their bit to educate little Bela and they do wonderfully! I think socialisation with other dogs is one of the BIG issues which cannot be taken serious enough and its fun and lovely to see how great Bela reacts to the dogs.

So here some images from the last few days….

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the other side of joy….

I have to admit that it’s not that easy for me at the moment. After we got Bela on Saturday I started feeling sick and very tense and this feeling didn’t go away…

Bela is a wonderful puppy, but I am (especially before noon) very tense and emotional… I cried several times not knowing why and I couldn’t stop for a while… Today I got some homeopathic medical products to help me get over this emotional state which is very exhausting for me feeling that way. A friend of mine who is an expert on life energies as well as my boyfriend and my family helped me understand that this condition is normal in this situation I am currently in.

I was looking forward to a picard puppy for several month with such an engergy and now we got him I am mentally overstrained and allthough he makes me laugh a lot (for he is a really jolly good fella) at the same time I cry…

Getting a puppy IS a live-changing experience and a great one too, but I think it is important to mention also the emotional difficulties one can get into when getting a puppy.

With the help of my boyfriend, family and friends I will certainly overcome this condition, and I hope you guys understand why it is so important for me to tell you all of this. Maybe because I never heard of such difficulties from others before I started telling them how I feel these days, but several admitted they were in the same state of mind.
Please don’t think I do not love Bela. I really do and he is not responsible for my emotional condition. It’s just that I have to get my mind and emotions clear and away from all of the negative thinking I am in right now (will he be alright, is he still breathing, am I enough?).

But Bela belongs to us no matter what and he always will.


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the first two days of our new life

puhhh I’m still tired and I’m not feeling to well….but we are incredibly happy with our new flatmate Bela. Yesterday, 18.08.2012  at 08:00 a.m. we started after a sad goodbye. Shortly after departing Bela (who was sitting on my lap) was freaking out… scratches on my arms and my neck are still visible. We couldn’t calm him down, nothing we tried worked, so we had to put him into the crate. Even there he wasn’t calming for approx. 2 hours. After a short break we decided to give it another shot with taking him to the front. And we couldn’t believe it, he was completely calm!!!! WOHOOO ! Due to the heat and the sun, we decided that Bela and I will move to the back seats where we had space enough. After 2 traffic jams, several breaks and 11 hours we finally arrived at home. We let Bela explore the outer surroundings and there he met Balou a Pekinese who fell immediately in love with Bela, well Bela did not lol. But he accepted that Balou belongs here too, so no problem there.

The first night was very interesting, due to the human condition (very tired and exhausted) we didn’t have the power to keep Bela on the floor, so we decided that he is allowed in bed the 1st night. At 4 a.m. Bela and I went for a pee and at 6 a.m. it was Andreas’s turn. After 6 a.m. Bela stayed off the bed and slept on the floor 🙂

Both men slept until 8:30 and then Bela and I went for a walk to the park, where we met a finnish firefighter who has a female Beagle which loves to got to the Sauna 🙂 and a golf player. Both of them fed Bela and were very nice and intertested.

After our walk Bela and us went to a stable with miniature horses and a lot of dogs… At first Bela was a little bit scared but he took his time and at the end he lay in the big stable and slept while the horses and the dogs were trained!

Also the crate issue is getting better and it’s possible to seduce him with cheese to calm down :-). While I am writing this my two men are sleeping in the bed room, Bela on the floor and Andreas on the bed 🙂

I’m very curious what the next days will bring ….

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19 days until our life will change….

in a good way of course!! The reason for my kind of childish “day-counting”? A dog will move in with us… Us that is my boyfriend and me. Well you may think: ” Getting a dog isn’t a big deal!” Well, it is for me. After almost 2 years of waiting, saving money and thinking if our decision is the right one, the 18th of August 2012 will be the start of something completely new and awesome. Allthough sometimes a little voice in my head asks me: “will I be a good dog owner?, what will happen if I make mistakes? Will the dog be happy living with us?” But I try to tell myself it doesn’t matter if I make mistakes, I definately will!! I will be a good dog owner, because I will love that dog no matter what and because of this fact, the dog will be quite ok living with us :-). But let’s tell the story from the start…..

About two years ago I fell in love with a dog on a movie poster. I gathered as much information about this dog as possible and after some research, Google told me that my love at first sight – dog is a Berger Picard. So far so good, I knew what breed I was looking for. After more research and reading wikipedia entries I found a blog.

A blog that affected my life in a short time in a very amazing way. Because of this blog I got in touch with the “BP World” and the “crazy Picard People” how they call it.  About half a year of e-mailing and chatting I finally got to see  Berger Picards for the first time at the Dog Show 2011 at Klagenfurt. Soni, Morty, Honneur and Dino were four completely different and amazing dogs, and I immediately fell for all of them.

After this day, I was completely sure I was going to have a Picard someday in the near future. And now, almost 2 years later we found wonderful breeders with their amazing dog Smilla and OUR puppy Bela and we couldn’t be more happy!

Stay tuned for stories about our journey to get Bela and our time together!


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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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